According to Islamic scholars, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality. We believe that a woman should cover her body, and walk and dress in such a way that does not draw attention to her. It is recommended that women wear clothing that is not form fitting to the body. The burqa (also spelled burka) is the garment that covers women most completely, either only the eyes are visible, or nothing at all.

Great variety of products
We manufacture great variety of clothing for women. We have different type of burqa - Close Neck Burqa, Front Open Burqa, Side Open Burqa, Double Burqa, Burqa with Pirlex Sleev, Zardosi Work (Hand work) Burqa, Embriodery Work Burqa, Burqa with Stone Work - Jaco & Sawaroski, Mantoum Specially for girls, Full Coat with Collar, Irani Chadar, Shayla, Makhna, Scarf Printed and Plain, Nose Piece. These products are available in variety of sizes, styles, and colors. We offer also to our customers the option to create their own styles by sending us details of their required designs

  • Abaya/Burqa

    A burqa is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in Islamic rules to cover their bodies when in public.

    Reza Burqa designs all kind of Burqa/Abaya and match with latest fashion...

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  • Manto/Coat

    Women in Iran usually wear Manto
    which is a sort of trench coat, in different colors, sometimes really short, sometimes not. All depends on the what you like to wear, but of course within the accepted framework.

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  • Scarf

    Scarf covers the entirety of the head as well as half of the face.

    We at Reza Burqa have more than a hundred gorgeous choices of scarves with various colours, patterns, and designs.

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  • Chador/Rida

    More conservative way to clothing for women is Chador which is long cloak like covering. Black color is official one for more conservative people, yet there are many people who chose the more colorful and design chadors.

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Shortly about me

Syed Reyaz Ali Rizvi - Proprietor of Reza Burqa.
Reza Burqa is a manufacturer of quality Islamic clothing for women. Existing for more than 15 years, Reza Burqa has been selling its products both to businesses and privates all over the world, and has acquired a very strong experience in understanding demand and expectation of its market and latest design.

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